Thursday, February 6, 2014

Valentines Pop art 4 ways

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With the K-3rd graders I did some "pop art" that had a Valentines Day theme. It was also a good way to have them do different techniques and media in on project that also ends up looking pretty cool. I used the heart as a theme, but they could interpret it in any many of way or color and were encouraged to go beyond red and pink! I had them do the heart four ways ith 6x6" squares of paper:

  • Watercolor on white paper
  • Oil pastel on black paper
  • Penicl and pen on white paper
  • Collage on black paper

    Then I glued them into  a graphic 4 square layout.

    Its amazing how creative the kids could get and how it made them think outside the box (even though were creating in a box) Amazing how setting  few rules can free you to be creative. Also, teaching them how to cut and draw hearts is an amazing lesson in symmetry, and following directions, which at this age, is no small task!

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