Friday, August 27, 2010

Back to School

Only one more week until Pleasant Hill Christian School starts back up!  Its a bit later than most public schools though. I am teaching art to all the kids in grades K-6 in three classrooms. To streamline things, they will all be taught on Monday.  Hopefully this arrangement works out.

For all you parents reading, please feel free to suggest projects.  This is my third year teaching art to these kids, but since they are in shared classrooms, I can't blindly repeat projects every year since the same kids would be getting duplicates. There are some projects like self-portraits that I do repeat, but I try to keep it 90% new each year. I will be able to start recycling this next year since the classrooms will have have "turned over" mostly.

Also, this fall, I may ask for some specific art supplies to be sent with your child later in the semester or in the winter. I'll get back to you.

Also, if anybody has craft supplies that they would like to donate, please let me know. Who knows what inspiring items I might get.

See you back at School!

Week 30: Father's Day

Oops, I just found this post that didn't get posted in June.  Hope you like it.

The end of school was in May and its been crazy since then, so I am just getting my brain back around blogging the art classes. And my other excuse was that I didn't want to "spoil" the Father's Day surprise by posting it in May;-)

I had the kids make Father's Day cards: