Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Halloween pumpkins

For the younger kids, I did a Halloween project that got great results a few years back: Positive / negative pumpkins with orange and black paper.

The key is having the kids learn that they can just draw half the jack-o-lantern on one piece and cut it out and then reverse it onto the other paper.

Quite a concept for the Kinders!  But they had much more fun results than I imagined. Very cool stuff!

The Kindergarteners:

The 1st-4th graders

Kindergarten owls

In a repeat of a fun project from the past, we did Owls in the Kindergarten class. They were a hoot!

I do a directed drawing with the kids and then have them tear and cut paper to decorate their owls. It always amazes me how much personality comes out in these simple projects.

Sunflowers in glue and pastel

I've been doing quite a few multi-week projects the last month, so I have been remiss in posting. Sorry.

This project was done with all the kids in October, and took two sessions, so with my even/odd schedule it took a long time!

Since I've done Van Gogh sunflowers before, I wanted to do something different and involve more technique.  The first step was to take some sunflowers in and have the kids "draw" with white glue! This is easy since I am using black paper. Once the glue dries it forms "lines" that the CHALK pastel does not stick. So basically the second week was a "fill in" project. The ones that turned out best use a lot of color and get good coverage.