Saturday, September 5, 2009

2008 Fall projects

Here are some of the projects I did last fall with the K-2nd graders:

This was our first project. I had the kids trace hands onto construction paper and then crumpled up butcher paper for the tree branch. It was simple but a good "get to know you" project.

To tie in with harvest and natural themes: This was natural vegetable dyes from veggies and fruits that we blended and added water. It got kinda messy, but the kids thought it was cool. We did experimental painting on paper. The thrust of the project was the technique and not the final result.

I had the kids bring in fall leaves, and other natural things and we made collages. A bit too much glue gun and elmers misshaps for the younger kids though;-)

We used apples to print the frames and did a painting of an apple tree for the center. This was my sample. I guess I was too busy or had too much paint on my hands to snap the kid's work!

A kid-favorite. Plain old wooden spoons from the craft store jazzed up with lots of odds and ends to make scare crows. This was pretty glue-gun intenzive, but fun.

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