Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Back to school 2013

Its already Fall! And I still haven't posted many of my Springtime projects! Bad teacher;-( Well that will allow me to sprinkle them during the Fall when I am inevitably busy.

Our little school has about 40 kids, with a large K-2 contingent, so that allows me to do more focused projects with the older 3-6th kids and lots of fun crafty projects with the young ones! This year I'm going to focus on American artists as well as American themes. Paired with a good dose of theory and technique.

Something that inspired me, for a potential project this year, was this artist' blog about collaborating with her 4-year old daughter.  I might need to do a project where I divide a  sheet into parts and each child has like 5 minutes to draw something and then pass it along, hopefully building on each other's drawings in a  fun surreal way??


Stay turned for some fun projects coming down the pike!

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