Monday, March 18, 2013

Warhol Zig Zag portraits

This project was kind of a three-in-one lesson

  1. self portrait with pencil
  2. color theory
  3. Pop Art/optical illusion

I was inspired by projects that I have seen that involve doing two similar but opposite drawings and then slicing them and putting them on accordian-folded paper.

I told the kids about Andy Warhol and his many technicolor portraits of celebrities. I also walked them thru drawing a face. We had already done an eye earlier in the year. The next step was to photocopy their pencil drawing, so they would have identical copies, and also not ruin their nice pencil drawing.

Once they had the two faces, they used colored markers to color the different parts of the face. My goal was to have complimentary colors like green/red hair, blue/orange skin, purple/yellow eyes. Then they had to fold/cut their portraits into 4 vertical strips, and alternate them on a larger piece of paper that could be accordian folded.


  1. Your students have done really well with a pretty difficult project! A creative approach to Andy Warhol!!

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! I was amazed at how well they did, especially since this was a single hour-lesson!

  2. Awesome project!! I "accidentally" found your website when I was looking for a creative March activity to do with my gifted 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade classes. It took us 2 45 minute-60 minute classes to complete our artwork. I, too, did a mini lesson on facial drawing. The staff couldn't believe how well my first graders did and my second and third grades shone! The students loved doing a gallery walk around all the portraits. I will definitely and most not accidentally be stopping by again. Thanks!