Monday, September 26, 2011

Pet Art Supply peeve of the week

I was working with the kids on last week's project (to be posted shortly) and realized that many had Crayola Markers (including my own child) that were NOT the standard bold/bright colors. They are called "Bold". When I bought them, I just thought that meant the thickness of the line....
Set of 8 Bold Colors, Broad Tip
Weird colors

Set of 8 Traditional Colors, Broad Tip
Standard colors

The offending "Bold" 8-12 color marker set has some very nice colors, but they are mostly odd tints. I wanted standard primary and secondary colors but got either too bright or too dark.  I don't mind having fun colors, but nowhere on the package did it indicate that they were oddball colors.

Second peeve, is that Crayola seems to think it is being hip and cool by making all the marker's plastic barrels BLACK and only the removable cap the actual color!!  With young kids this is really bad since they often get the caps misplaced, and all the capless-markers look the same!! Ugh.
Broad Tip Marker

Please Crayola, for the love of us parents/teachers of young children, give us back the colored barrels and make the packaging easier to recognize what colors you are getting!

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