Sunday, August 28, 2011

Getting ready for School

It's begining to feel a bit Autumnal, and eventhough many public schools started a week or two ago, our little school starts Thurs. Sept. 1. That means that I'm getting my art ideas ready!  Luckily, I can look back on this blog and remember what projects worked best and do some recycling of the "Best of..." projects.

This year I will be teaching the 10 kindergarteners in Mrs. Dillon's room every week for 30+ minutes. Then as a change, I will be alternating the two older rooms (10 first-fourth graders, and 15 fifth/sixth) every other week. But instead of 30 minutes each week, I'll do an hour, so they will get roughly the same amount of time, but I'll be able to go into more detail and they will have more time.

As it was last year, I avoided really messy projects, knowing I had such a short time and also had to move my show into the next room right after the first class.

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