Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Celtic Crosses

To mark St. Patrick's Day, I wanted to get away from shamrocks and leprechauns (I love those, but can only do so many art projects involving those items!)

Also, since we are a Christian school, making a cross would be really cool.  What made this standout was the technique: aluminum foil embossed and then aged with paint. I had envisioned using this technique for another project, but ended up using it here.

The technique involved me folding some sheets of foil into long multi-layered strips. Each kid was given one and they cut it into two. Then they had to used  blunt pencil to incise/emboss lines and decoration into the soft foil. Then with a slightly damp brush they put green paint onto the foil and wiped off the excess.

The final result was either stone-like or similar to aged bronze! Really cool.

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  1. Oh, I like this one! I'm going to pin it on pinterest and try it with one of my classes! Thanks for the post!