Friday, September 17, 2010

Week 1: K-2 Hand prints

As a way to ease into the new art year, I had the kids in the K-2 class draw some handprint outlines on paper and color them in fall colors.  The trick was to overlap the hands to create lots of little shapes, both positive and negative. This way it became a work of astract art as well as something that related to them.

Once they got 5-6 overlapping handprints done in black pen,  (the kids did get a lot of pen on their hand!:-) I had them select 3-4 crayon colors, with an emphasis on fall colors like red, orange yellow and brown. I asked them to color in each shape with a different color. Little shapes and big shapes.

This ended up being a brain teaser to have the kids stop when they got to a line and choose a new color. But that was the whole point!

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