Friday, May 14, 2010

Week 29: Name Patterns and color

The kids like to doodle and draw, and I thought I would have them do some pattern and color work as well. My goal was to have them use two complimentary colors (ie: blue/orange, red/green, purple/yellow).

I had them use a marker to draw their name on a large paper. To that they added, like ripples of water, concentric rings that went outward from their name. The end result was kinda 1970's funky looking, but fun.

Then I had them use their watercolors, or crayons/markers, to fill in alternating stripes with their complimentary colors.

This was a very meditative process and the kids liked the result. I also gave them the choice to write the word MOM if they wanted, or their name was too long. Since Mother's day was coming up, they could give these little masterpieces to their mothers.

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