Wednesday, February 10, 2010

WEEK 19: Tiki masks

Many of the kids had been to Hawaii so were familiar with the look.  I had them fold their paper in half to help with the symmetry, and tried to get them to use bold distorted shapes for the facial features.

The school has an International Lunch every year and this year's theme is "Island Nations" like the South Pacific, Japan, Australia, the Carribean, etc.  They like to decorate the room, and this project is catered to that.  I printed out a bunch of Tiki images and Maori masks as examples for the kids.

To give them a bit of character, I had them use brown paper and a simplified color scheme of black marker and one or two crayons.  Some kids used more colors but they turned out well. As final touch I had them delicately crumple and then re-flatten their work, so it looked like bark or rustic wood.

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